10 Brand New Sports Cars That Already Don’t Make Any Sense

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When you’re a writer in the automotive business, you see a lot of stuff that makes you scratch your head and ask the question: “why?” Sometimes it’s some crazy family hauler that just doesn’t make sense or some luxury car like the Mercedes B-Class that strikes just about any car guy from this side of the pond as ugly.

The plague of badge-engineered models also falls into this category, but these examples aren’t the only cars that don’t make sense. There are tons of new sports cars out there that have no business being on the market for one reason or another. Some are simply senior citizens that have overstayed their welcome – think of the decade-old Dodge Challenger or the Nissan 370Z, for example. These two examples, specifically, have been constantly updated in the slightest way to maintain a “new” status for each model year while the rest of the world just looks on in contempt wishing we could finally see a redesigned model.

The aforementioned scenario covers about half of what is on this list. The other half are actually brand-new cars – or cars that are all-new within the last year or so – and they don’t really belong on the market either. Others are just pointless based solely on the other cars that sit alongside them in an automaker’s lineup – BMW M4, I’m looking at you. Either way, there are more than a handful of cars on the market, right now, that make absolutely no sense, so we’ve decided to put them on a list and call out the automaker responsible. I present to you 10 new sports cars that make zero sense. Let’s get to it.

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