New Nissan GT-R Rumored To Be The Fastest Sports Car In The World

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Nissan is aiming to make the next GT-R the “fastest super sports car in the world.”

The GT-R has been around for quite some time by car standards. Introduced in 2007, it’s served as the flagship Nissan for over a decade. And while it’s served as the company’s noble speedster with distinction, it’s coming due for a replacement.

Head of Nissan design Alfonso Albaisa revealed to Autocar that the company is in the early stages of designing a new GT-R. He was quick to point out that any GT-R replacement will not be like the recently introduced GT-R50 by ItalDesign, and will instead “be its own special car.”

However, it’s still too early to know what will power Nissan’s new beast. According to Albaisa, there haven’t been any decisions on the next GT-R’s powertrain, although it seems almost certain to adopt some form of electrification in order to keep up with global emissions regulations. Albaisa said, “the challenge is on the engineer” in terms of what will power a new GT-R.

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