Ranking The 10 Best Sports Cars Under $20,000

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So, you’re in the market for a new car (new or used), you have a need for speed, but you also have a budget. What car are you going to get that can suit both your budget and your desire for speed? There are a lot of good sports cars that you can get used, some you may be able to get new if you catch them on sale. But, you should also be aware of terrible sportscars that you should avoid, even if they fall way below your budget. If some sports cars were terrible to use when new, imagine how you’d feel if you were to buy the said sports car used. If a deal seems to be too good to be true, then it usually is just too good to be true.

It has been said, that a driver is only happy as long as his car works. Hopefully, this listing will help to guide your decision of the best budget sports cars under $20,000 and the worst under $20,000. The listing can only act as a guide, but you must be confident in your decision, and buy a car that you would truly enjoy driving. On the list, you’ll see favorites like the modern muscle cars, and regular everyday cars like the Honda Civic and Subaru Impreza. Just keep at the back of your mind, the Chinese proverb that says, ‘cheap things not good, good thing not cheap’. Cheap things are only good in some circumstances.


This Nissan car truly has the look of what you’d expect a sports car to look like with its two doors and two seats. It looks like a coupe and roadster, but it is more.

It is an excellent car with models priced above $10,000. For the price, it performs well and has speed capabilities of 150 miles per hour.

This car has two seats and some models have undergone changes since 2006. If you are not a fan of a manual transmission, it also comes with an automatic option and some really good color options. It is no longer in production.

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