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To celebrate the start of the summer reading season, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite historical fiction. Help us add to the list with your own recommendations, and let us know what you think about our selections!

Blindspot by Jane Kamensky and Jill Lepore (2009)

A picture of the book cover for “Blindspot.”What if historians wrote historical fiction? That’s what award-winning historians Jill Lepore and Jane Kamensky set out to do with their novel, Blindspot. Set in revolutionary-era Boston, Blindspot tells the stories of two people caught up in the tumult of the American Revolution. Looking to run away from his debtors, Stewart Jameson, a Scottish portrait painter, ends up in Boston. After advertising for an apprentice, he meets Fanny Easton, a fallen woman from one of Boston’s elite families, disguising as a boy. Together, Easton and Jameson set out to solve the murder of an abolitionist amidst the spread of Revolution throughout Boston’s streets.

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