8 Foolproof Places to Find Extra Storage Ideas Space at Home

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No matter the size of your house or how many closets it has, at some point you’re going to wonder in exasperation, “Where can I put this?” Fortunately, with a little out-of-the-box strategizing, you can find all sorts of under-utilized storage spots around yo…

1. Get over it.

In many places in the house, there’s often a good two feet between the ceiling and the top of shelving units, bookcases, and cabinets. Rather than squander that space, dedicate it to attractive items such as baskets (which are themselves useful storage spots), cutting boards, pottery, or other collectibles that need a place to call home. Group together large, similar pieces up there—small, random objects will only look like clutter.

2. Go under it.

Slide out-of-season clothing and shoes under your bed to keep them out of view yet within arm’s reach so they’re easy to grab when the weather changes. Short, sturdy rectangular baskets are perfect—they hold a ton and look nice too. You’ll also find a number of roll-away under-bed storage options on the market. Feeling handy? Head out to the work shed and build your own solution from a pallet and a set of casters.

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