9 Storage Ideas Spots You Aren’t Already Using

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If you’re short on storage space (and who isn’t?), it’s time to think outside the closet. Hiding throughout your home are stealthy spots where you can tuck items away or put them on display. What’s more, furniture you already own can go multi-purpose to keep …

1. Step Up Your Game

If you’ve got stairs, you’ve got untapped storage. The stair wall can be renovated to accommodate a built-in bookshelf, wine rack—or even a tiny office. For secret storage that’s out of sight, open the wall and add a door, or sneak drawers into individual steps (an easy DIY if they’re on open stringers).

2. Hit the Wall

Vertical storage not only solves your where-to-put problems, it can make for attractive design. Whether you opt for hooks in the entryway, floating shelves in the bedroom, or a shelf over a bathroom door, making the best use of your walls will open up your options when it comes to storage.

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