10 Sneaky Storage Ideas

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In the never-ending battle for storage space at home, it’s imagination versus square footage.

Mind the Gap!

Even that slimmest of slim corners of the kitchen can be transformed into a storage boon. At only 4 inches wide, this DIY cabinet perfectly houses spices, oils, and more. You can knock this pull-out together this weekend with some wood boards, dowels, castors, and this tutorial. While it’s safe to store most foods next to a fridge, avoid storing canned goods on a shelf like this, and keep them in cool pantry or cupboard instead.

Rub-a-Dub Tub

A built-in tub surround typically provides enough space to house tilt-out storage for extra cleaning sponges, shampoo, and soap. Stash your favorite bubbles here, so the kids (and guests) don’t get to them.

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