The 12 best Apple Watch apps for 2018: From Citymapper to Evernote

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The Apple Watch and its various iterations consistently rank amongst the top wearables. With the Apple Watch Series 4, the company tweaked the formula to include a wider display and advanced heart-rate monitoring. Hardware updates might steal the headlines, but its Apple’s legion of apps that really make the Watch stand out from the competiton.

Here’s our roundup of the best free and paid-for Apple Watch apps for 2018.

Best Apple Watch apps 2018

From getting great action shots to recording interviews or memos, these apps and games will help you get the most out of your Apple Watch.

Citymapper (free)

This app is fantastic for easy access to step-by-step directions, perfect for navigating to a new restaurant or even a new city. It comes with the same features as the iPhone app, which includes a list of your favourite places and live information on public transport routes.

What’s more, if you’re prone to falling asleep on public transport, the Apple Watch will vibrate when your stop is imminent, meaning you don’t miss it. I once fell asleep trying to get the train from Newcastle to Durham (15 mins) and woke up in London King’s Cross some three hours later. Boy, I wish I’d known about the Apple Watch Citymapper app back then.

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