Too Many Toys? Reclaim Your Home with 12 Easy Storage Ideas

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It’s like walking a minefield: In all directions, you’re surrounded by stuffed animals, remote-control cars, action figures, dolls, books, blocks and video games.

It’s time to take action. It’s time to corral the kids’ clutter once and for all!

Fortunately, you’re not facing this challenge alone. Countless parents past and present have faced and overcome the very the same challenge with toy storage ideas like the following featured favorites.

Never want to trip on another toy in your lifetime? Scroll for 11 easy, clever solutions…


Plywood, wood planks, and caster wheels—those are all the materials you need to assemble this space-smart, under-the-bed storage solution for toys. Rope pulls make the rolling bins effortless to access, while chalkboard paint labels ensure you can always identify which bin holds what. Start here.

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