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Anymore you can’t walk into a home without seeing a few mason jars on display at some point in the home. Whether it be what they are serving ice tea in, painted up and set on a table for decor, or even turned into lights. Mason jars are everywhere, and I have even more amazing ideas on how you can use them, check out these diy mason jar lights below.

1. Mason Jar Solar Lights

 Mason Jar Solar Lights 

Kim at Today’s Creative Life shares another amazing and creative diy using solar lights and mason jars. These are a great way to add curb appeal to your home, dress up outdoors for parties, and give your outdoors a makeover. Check out how she made them.

2. Pallet Mason Jar Light Fixture

 Pallet Mason Jar Light Fixture 

Here is a really rustic style mason jar light fixture over at Twenty 8 Divine. They transformed their kitchen with this light fixture and it turned out really nice. Thinking to do one like it? See how they made it.

3. Mason Jar Chandelier DIY

Mason Jar Chandelier DIY 

Rizza at DIY Projects was looking for a chic and affordable light fixture. That is where the mason jar chandelier diy came about. A really neat idea that can totally change the feel of a room. Check it out.

4. Vanity Light Mason Jar DIY

Vanity Light Mason Jar DIY 

Bless’er House shares how they took an old light fixture and updated it with some mason jars. It turned out really well, and gives the bathroom a new rustic feel. Learn how to make one.

5. Blue Mason Jar Chandelier DIY

Blue Mason Jar Chandelier DIY 

Kelly at Here Comes the Sun has a real love for blue mason jars. So she decided to give the light fixture that sits over their dining table a makeover. This adds the perfect amount of color to the room. Head over to see how she made this.

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