12 of the Best Waterfall Hikes in the US

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The U.S is a big country, and within in it are tons of hidden gems that determined backpackers will make there way to at one point or another. Some of these hidden gems are amazing waterfalls that require a bit of a trek to get to; though, they will all be worth it once you finally get to them.

Havasupai Falls

Havasupai Falls, Arizona

Located in the Grand Canyon, the 20 mile round-trip hike to Havasupai Falls is certainly not easy. Through the hot desert, the falls are truly an oasis and a splendid reward for all your hard work. The trail begins at the Havasupai Trailhead near Hualapai Hilltop. Plan on spending a lot of time here taking it all in.

High Shoals Falls

High Shoals Falls, Georgia

Out of all the falls there are to see in Georgia, High Shoals Falls is by far the most impressive. To get here, you can take the High Shoals Falls Trail, a 2 mile trail that feels a lot longer than it is, in a good way. You’ll hike through beautiful forests, past streams and valleys, and even Blue Hole Falls.

Tunnel Falls

Tunnel Falls, Oregon

Located in the Columbia River Gorge is the gorgeous Eagle Creek Trail. This is a great trail for hikers because it is 12 miles round trip and has a bit of an elevation gain. The trail ends at Tunnel Falls, but there are also many other falls you’ll see along the way, like Punchbowl Falls and Metlako Falls.

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