Top 10 most incredible hikes in the Canadian Rockies

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Alberta and British Columbia boast some the worlds most spectacular and rewarding hiking trails. After spending six years living in Jasper and Banff, I had hiked over 50 peaks and decided it was time to write the ultimate hiking guide list. The hikes on my top ten list below ranges across the Canadian Rockies, including Yoho National Park, Banff National Park, Columbian Icefields, Jasper National Park, Spray Lakes/Kananaskis area, Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park and Mount Robson Provincial Park.

Below are symbols that define the difficulty, distance and popularity of each hiking trail that will be listed below.

A hiker enjoys views of Lake Opabin in Yoho National Park.

★ Easy
★★ Moderate
★★★ Challenging

★ Short (Under 10km round trip)
★★ Medium (10-15km round trip)
★★★ Long (Over 15km round trip)

★ Not popular
★★ Somewhat popular
★★★ Very popular

1) Skyline Trail

A hiker along the ridge of Skyline Trail.

Description: Located in Jasper National Park, this trail is known to be one of the premier backpacking trails in Canada. With over 25km above the treeline, one is rewarded with expansive views of famous mountains and stunning glacier lakes in the region.

Location: There are two ways to start the trail. The easier and more popular direction begins south to north from Maligne Lake to Signal Mountain.

Difficulty: ★
No technical climbing necessary, but the distance can be enduring for some.

Distance: ★★★
44km – about 2 to 3 days hike. There are three campgrounds along the way – Evelyn Creek, Curator and Tekarra campgrounds.

Popularity: ★★★
Popular in the summer months of June, July and August. Book campsites ahead of time.

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