10 Timeless bodybuilding exercises

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Still very much in use, push-ups has survived for over 100 years now. This exercise targets muscles of the chest, arms, and shoulders besides providing support required from other muscles. Do four sets of 10 reps and you will get a good workout.


Wide grip chins were once a very popular strength-training exercise. You don’t see too many people doing wide grip chins anymore to pump their upper body. Exercises such as lat pulldown have made things easier but not all have still forgotten wide grip chins. It remains one evergreen exercise for bodybuilding.


Like push-ups, lunges remain to be one of the favoured exercises in a gym setting. The exercise is used for strengthening, sculpting and building thighs, the muscles at the back and hamstrings. This exercise is commonly used in cross-training in various sports by weight-trainers as a fitness exercise, and also by yoga practitioners.

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