11 Ways Apple Watch Can Actually Make Your School Life Easier

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Summer is coming to an end. There, we said it. Now let’s move on. With just one more week until the first day of school, students (and their shopping-crazed parents) are running around town to pick up last-minute supplies before that first-period bell. By now, you should have your dorm necessities and your first day of school outfit checked off on your list, but how are you on the tech front? A Mac and an iPhone (or any other smartphone on the market) have become school staples, but with wearable tech becoming a favoured trend these days, an Apple Watch may be your answer to looking chic and organized on the first day of school.

While your parents may disagree that it’s an essential, we rounded up 11 reasons why an Apple Watch is a must-have. They may argue they never had a smartwatch to set reminders, to assist with their studying or to help them sleep better, but with these tech-savvy apps available for both your iPhone and Apple Watch, it’s going to make your school life a helluva lot less stressful. And who doesn’t want that?

And pssst! All these apps are free.

Don’t fall behind
An Apple Watch is more that just a clock. You can also track your daily to-dos with ease. Although it doesn’t have its own Reminders app that syncs seamlessly with your Mac and iPhone, you can always ask Siri for help by saying “Siri, set a reminder to complete history assignment.” But if you’re more of an app kind of student, Wunderlist is a great task manager app that makes sure you get your things done on time.

Study smarter
Every new school year we vow to be better students. With an Apple Watch, you can definitely stick to it. Case in point: the Be Focused app. Aside from managing your tasks and tracking them through a custom period, it is also designed to break up individual tasks and combine them with short breaks (a.k.a. snack time).

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